Overseas Consulting

Actively Contribute to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
We provide global support for energy conservation and CO2 reduction for overseas factories.

Customer Needs

  • Need consulting support since overseas energy cost is increasing rapidly, but the customers are not working on energy conservation as much as in Japan.
  • Want to work on energy conservation since the overseas factories have already set energy saving and CO2 reduction targets.
  • Want advices because there are only a few of Japanese staff so it is not enough manpower to handle energy saving improvement activities.
  • Want introduction of high efficiency equipment since the equipment that was introduced is the one that has been used in Japan and the efficiency is low.
  • Want to have local staff taught about detailed maintenance adjustment like in Japan.
  • Want guidance so that the PDCA cycle will be processed by local staff.
    And so on

Miraiz Solution

  • Energy conservation diagnosis for customer facilities and the entire factories
    (General utility equipment such as air conditioning, power transformation, lighting, air compressor, boiler, water supply and drainage, general combustion equipment, general production equipment)
  • Equipment operation optimization
    (Review of various settings, review of operation priority, equipment operation rate improvement, etc.)
  • Capital investment optimization
    (Various optimum energy saving system design, control system design, etc.)

Service Tract Record

実施国 10ヶ国 23件
Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, China, South Korea, India, USA, Saudi Arabia, Czech Republic
(As of 2020 August record)
  • Bring consulting experience cultivated in Japan to foreign countries
  • Proposal centered on operational improvement that can be realized in foreign countries
  • Support after-sales follow-up

One-stop Support from Chubu Electric Power Miraiz from Surveys to After-Sales Follow-Up

  • Contact Us
    We will ask about the purpose of energy saving, factory scale, equipment outline, etc., and will discuss the service menu and implementation time.
    [Please contact us 1-2 months before the field survey]
  • Site Survey
    • Confirm facility operation (set value, control content, maintenance status, installation environment, etc.)
    • Confirm facility load (operating time, load factor, power consumption, working pressure, etc.)
    • Environmental survey in facilities (temperature and humidity, illuminance, CO2 concentration, etc.)
    • Confirm implementation status of energy conservation measures and enlightenment activities
    • Air leakage investigation
    And so on.
  • Report
    • Explanation of report, on-site explanation of survey results and improvement method,
    • Confirm the implementation priority based on the amount of energy saving effect,
    • Respond to questions and concerns about survey results
    And so on.
  • After-Sales follow-Up
    • Confirmation of the progress and effect of energy saving improvement,
    • Equipment checklist preparation and usage method instruction
    • Explanation of the concept of improvement activity priority,
    • Instruction on the concept and how to make a medium to long term plan for energy saving activities,
    • Guidance on how to build an energy saving activity system and visualization
    • Introduction of case examples of energy conservation enlightenment activities
    And so on.

Introduction Example


Maximum 7.6% of energy reduction in 4 countries so far (China, Thailand, Czech Republic and the United States)


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